Sandalwood is a fragrant wood from trees in the Santalum family. The wood is known to retain it’s fragrance and has been valued for centuries as a natural remedy for stress, well being and effectiveness against mozzies.


  • All principle ingredients are 100% natural (chemical free and APVMA approved)
  • 100% Australian sandalwood powder & sticky wood extract from sustainable plantations
  • 100% essential oils – citronella & eucalyptus oils fragranced with Jasmine, Frangipani

How to use an incense stick

To repel mosquitoes, place your Santalum Estate Sandalwood incense sticks in an outdoor area approximately 3 metres apart. This is ideal if done 15 minutes prior to outdoor activities. Light the end of the incense stick until a flame appears and allow to burn for approximately 30 seconds then blow out allowing incense smoke to disperse from stick. Place your incense sticks at ground level in pot plants or garden beds.


  • Do not touch burning end.
  • Do not leave unattended with children.
  • Do not use indoors.
  • Do not put near items of furniture and synthetic fibres that could burn or scorch.
  • Keep burning stick away from draughts and flammable materials.
  • Do not use water to extinguish.
  • Do not swallow. If ingested, seek medical advice.
  • Stated burn time is approximate and may vary depending on environmental conditions.